Research and Development

PALFINGER SANY has a big focus on research and development

The global corporation SANY Group has five industrial parks in China and four Research & Development as well as manufacturing bases in America, Germany, India and Brazil. The company is one of the biggest manufacturer of construction machinery industry, where developing and manufacturing of quality and industry-leading products is always a top priority.

The company has a big focus on research and development of frontier technologies and future-oriented products, aimed to provide its customers with the best products and quality. The SANY General Research Institute employs in overall 10.000 engineers global.

Sany Mobile Cranes (Automobile Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd.) is one of the core business units of SANY Group, mainly focuses in the engineering of high end, mid to large tonnage crane series. The whole PALFINGER SANY product range is produced and developed by Sany Mobile Cranes. As one of the core business units there are even 350 engineers working especially for research and development of Sany Mobile Cranes.

Sany Mobile Crane Co., Ltd. is a world-class mobile crane manufacture base, from material staging to assembly, test track to adjustment. The company has introduced the most advanced technologies and equipment in the world. It has Laser cutting machine, welding robot, bender, tri-coordinate detector, Sweden original axles positioning detector and many more. Besides, the biggest movable test track, the most advanced frame-test bed is also situated there.

That is why you can certainly rely on the PALFINGER SANY quality!


PALFINGER SANY Frame Testing Device